Smith Island Response


Our biggest need at the moment is for donations. (Please click on the “Donate” button above.)

Our damage assessment teams are on Smith Island today (August 6).


Maryland VOAD in partnership with the The National Capital & Chesapeake Region Chapter of the American Red Cross (a member of Maryland VOAD) is leading a damage assessment team on Smith Island today (August 6). We were able to provide some requested tarps and contractor trash bags to residents today. Once our damage assessment teams report back, we will have a more precise understand of our scope of work on the island. Initial reports from our contacts with residents of the island indicate that one home was destroyed and 16 others were damaged.

Our greatest need is for funding, so we have the necessary resources for forming our response to Smith Island and helping to form a long term recovery effort, should it become necessary.

We are currently support the Eastern Shore Long Term Recovery Committee for their response to the October 29 Tidal Flooding in Somerset and Dorchester Counties. (They are currently in the process of repairing 100 homes and have broken ground for building 4 new homes.) We are also providing support for the resettlement of Afghan Evacuees. We rely on donations from Maryland Residents and grants from our member organizations to assist families to reach recovery. We strictly honor the designation of all donations made to us. Please click on the “Donate” button above, then click on the “make a monetary donation” button to be taken to our PayPal page. Please use the down arrow to designate your donation or give to MD VOAD General Fund.