DE & MD VOAD Annual Conference

Annual Conference Documents & Pictures 

The 2023 Delaware VOAD and Maryland VOAD Annual Conference was held March 13-14 at the Princess Royale Oceanview Resort in Ocean City, Maryland.  More than 65 of us gathered during the two days for presentations, conversation, networking, and strengthening partnerships. Our conference theme, “Ninja Events and the Struggle to Help Marginal Communities Recover” explored the science and data behind this phenomenon; strategies for engaging funding sources in new ways; and envision ways to develop mitigation efforts to minimize the impact of these storms and improve the quality of life within these affected communities.

Below are links to video recordings of presentations and PowerPoints given by our presenters. We have also included other documents from the conference you might find interesting. (Please note: All these documents are located on Maryland VOAD’s Microsoft 365 Cloud account. You may need to first login to your Microsoft account before linking to these documents. If you have any trouble downloading or accessing the material, please email Phil Huber– 

Phillip Huber Presentation
Tania Serrano-Gonzalez & Julia Pedrosa Presentation
Jono Anzalone Presentation
Jono PowerPoint Presentation
Tania Serrano-Gonzalez and Julia Pedrosa PowerPoint Presentation
2023 Annual Conference Take Home Mindmap
Annual Conference Photos

We thank everyone who attended this year’s conference. If you weren’t able to attend this year, we hope the links above will allow you to benefit from our time together in Ocean City and encourage you to be a part of next year’s conference. 

Toby French, Chairperson, Delaware VOAD
Phil Huber, Chairperson, Maryland VOAD

Maryland VOAD is supporting the Eastern Shore Long Term Recovery Committee’s efforts in Somerset and Dorchester Counties to assist families to reach recovery. Tidal Flooding in October 2021 left over 150 families with damage to their homes. We have recently dedicated our first new home built. Three other homes are nearing completion. Work has begun to build four additional homes. We hope to build a total of 10 new homes. Twelve (12) homes have been repaired with nearly 100 additional homes needing repairs.

Work crews are need throughout this summer and fall to help us complete this work. We have a very nice work camp that provides comfortable housing for our volunteers in Crisfield , Maryland. We are still seeking volunteer housing in Dorchester, County. If you have a work crew that could assist us in construction for a week, a couple of days or a weekend, please call or text our Disaster Response Coordinator, Kim Hopkins at 340.643.7516 or email at