October 2021 Tidal Flooding

Maryland VOAD is currently supporting the Eastern Shore Long-Term Recovery Committee (previously named the Somerset County Long-Term Recovery Committee) in their efforts to assist residents in Somerset and Dorchester Counties to recover from the October 2021 Tidal Flooding.

On October 29, 2021, Somerset and Dorchester counties experienced the worst Bay Tidal Flooding that has been seen in Maryland for fifty (50) years — in many places, eclipsing water levels that were seen in Superstorm Sandy. The storm was unnamed, undeclared, and not covered by the media. Few people know that the storm happened, even fewer know of the financial need to help survivors reach recovery. There was no funding from FEMA, and the State of Maryland does not have a direct funding mechanism for disaster survivors.

Maryland VOAD assisted the Somerset County Long-Term Recovery Committee, formed to support recovery after Hurricane Sandy and still in existence as a viable non-profit, to become the Eastern Shore Long-Term Recovery Committee (ESLTRC). By doing so, the ESLTRC now includes Board Members from Dorchester County and can lead recovery efforts in the county.

We have divided the response into Phase 1 and Phase 2.

The goal of Phase 1 has been to build 10 new homes and make only those repairs that were absolutely necessary to damaged homes.

We dedicated the first new home in November 2022. The family moved into their new residence in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The tenth (10th) new home has just been completed awaiting to receive its Occupancy Certificate. Below is a collage of some of the ten (10) homes we have built.

Through good management of funding and participation of disaster survivors in their own recovery, we are pleased to announce that we have sufficient funds to build an eleventh (11th) new home. Initially, this home will be used to provide temporary housing for families having their home elevated as a part of Phase 2. Once Phase 2 is completed the home will be given to a qualifying family.

The Eastern Shore Long-Term Recovery Committee (ESLTRC), with the support and collaboration of Maryland, has begun a cutting-edge long-term recovery (LTR) project that combines recovery with an intentional mitigation component. Phase 2 has the goal to elevate and repair 100 homes! This phase will provide the added benefits of:
• Making a more resilient community;
• Saving our faith-based and non-profit disaster agencies from having to provide repetitive services for things such as muck-outs, repairs and replacement of homes, and financial assistance;
• Saving local, state and federal tax dollars for funding services and resources for repetitive loss;
• Greatly reduced insurance rates;
• Providing better stewardship of funding entrusted to us; and most importantly,
• Significantly improving the quality of life and providing peace of mind for the families we serve

Below are the first two homes we have elevated—only 98 to go!!

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