A large mission within Maryland VOAD is the coordination of volunteers during the time of disaster. Each phase of the disaster (Emergency, Relief and Recovery) has unique volunteer and skill set needs.

Maryland VOAD has launched a new statewide volunteer and in-kind donations website called DART (Disaster Agency Response Technology). The DART platform connects Marylanders to volunteer opportunities posted by disaster organizations and state agencies. DART also connects businesses and individuals wanting to provide in-kind assistance (goods and services) with agencies that have in-kind assistance needs. If you would like to volunteer now or sometime in the future, please go to the DART website and register. (Please Note:  Unaffiliated or spontaneous volunteers create huge problems for our disaster response agencies–taking away staff time and resources that are needed for people who are hurting. We can only receive volunteers who have registered on DART.)

Please click here to register on DART. 

(Just a friendly reminder to please BE PATIENT. You will be contacted once we have had an opportunity to assess the damage and identify unmet needs.)

Seeing images of disaster may compel you to head to the impacted area. Don’t underestimate the complexity of working in a disaster area. Until a need has been identified and the local community impacted has requested support, volunteers should not enter.

  • Please do not come to the disaster area. If you would like to volunteer, please register on DART.
  • Wait until it is safe to travel to volunteer sites and opportunities have been identified.
  • Once assigned a position, make sure you have been given an assignment and are wearing proper safety gear for the task.

Be patient. Recovery lasts a lot longer than the media attention. There will be volunteer needs for many months, often years, after the disaster, especially when the community enters the long-term recovery period.