Tools Needed

Thank you for viewing this page of tools needed for an effective tool trailer. Every item on this page has been carefully selected by qualified craftsmen as the best tools for the type of work that Maryland VOAD volunteers do.

The table contains a selected subset of the tools that we need (different classes of tools and different price levels). As tools are purchased, we will add more tools. A list of 300 tools might be overwhelming to choose from.

Whether you are purchasing the tools yourself and having them shipped to Maryland VOAD or donating funds and want to designate the tools that you want us to purchase, this is the list that we want you to select from. Either way, please send an e-mail to listing the tools (and quantities) that you are pledging. Once we receive your e-mail, we will update the page based on the remaining need.

If you would like to see the entire list or you have any questions about the program, please contact, and we would be happy to assist you. Thank you for your interest in helping Maryland VOAD.

Ref #Short Tool DescriptionImageTotal NeededQuantity Donated# Still NeededEstimated Unit cost (w/o tax or shipping)Website Link
10Circular Saw (battery) DeWALT 7-1/4 DCS578X1202$339DeWALT Page Link
11Circular Saw (corded), DeWALT 7-1/4 DWE575SB303$159DeWALT Page Link
13Reciprocal Saw/Sawzall, Milwaukee 2722-20202$120Milwaukee Page Link
15Jig Saw, DeWALT XR 20v brushless DCS331M1202$219DeWALT Page Link
19Cordless Drill 18v, DeWALT DCD796D2 (2 batteries and 1 charger each)606$223 (Combo Kit)DeWALT Page Link
20Impact Driver Kit 18v, DeWALT DCF850E1 (2 batteries and 1 charger each606$223 (Combo Kit)DeWALT Page Link
27Drywall Screw Gun Kit, DeWALT DCF620CM2404$229DeWALT Page Link
29RotoZips, DeWALT DW660202$60DeWALT Page Link
53Nupla 3lb Sledge 27-035202$55
5Table Saw (10″) with stand, battery DeWALT DCS 7485T1-EB101$560DeWalt Page Link
6Table Saw (10″) with stand, corded (DeWALT DWE7491RS101$649DeWalt Page Link
52AEstwing Claw Hammer (16oz) E3-16C10010$29Estwing Page Link
52BEstwing Rip Hammer (20oz) E3-20S10010$45Estwing Page Link
56Stanley 10-788 Utility Knife14014$15Stanley Page Link
40Senco Roofing Coil Nailer 455XP303$309
41Senco Framing Nailer 325XP303$265Senco Page Link
42Stanley Bostitch Cap Nailer SL1838BC101$249
134Yellow Jacket 100′ 10g Extension Cord202$105
135Yellow Jacket 50′ 12g Extension Cord808$50
136Yellow Jacket 25′ 12g606$24
139Werner-Fiberglass 4′ Step Ladder 7404202$178Werner Page Link
140Werner-Fiberglass 6′ Step Ladder 6206303$139Werner Page Link
2Air Compressor – Gas, wheelbarrow type
(Jenny G9HGA-8P)
3Air Compressor – Electric, larger (Makita MAC2400)202$389Makita Page Link
4Air Compressor – Electric, smaller (Makita MAC700)202$269 Makita Page Link