A Message from the Chair: Our work together

Maryland VOAD Members, Partners & Friends,

I wanted to thank you for the support of Maryland VOAD. We have served the community well this year. Here is a short list of our accomplishments in 2024:

Tool Trailer -Your contributions have put us well underway toward meeting our goal of $40,000 to equip the trailer. We are approaching the half-way mark.

Following the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse we supported the seafarers trapped on ships in the harbor and have assisted longshoreman and other dock workers who lost significant income following the event.

In Somerset and Dorchester Counties, this summer, with the support of Maryland VOAD, the Eastern Shore Long-Term Recovery Committee launched Phase 2 in our response to October 2021 Tidal Flooding, an ambitious effort to elevate and repair an additional 100 homes in the next few years. It is the first time, as far as we know, that a Long-Term Recovery response has integrated a significant mitigation component.

The committee created a “Blue Ribbon Mitigation Task Force” with a goal of raising $6.5 million for the project. Organizations serving on the task force include Maryland Department of Emergency Management (MDEM), Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development, FEMA Region 3, The Nature Conservancy, University of Maryland Environmental Finance Center, Institute for Sustainable Development, many national faith-based communities (LDR, MDS, BDM, UCC, Disciples), Somerset County Commissioners, Dorchester County Council and the City of Crisfield.

The 64 homes that were either elevated, or built new after Hurricane Sandy, did not see any damage or water intrusion during the 2021 tidal flood event. We know that if we build and elevate homes to this standard (the 100 year flood plain base elevation + 2 board feet) we can create resilient homes.

As climate change leads to more severe and frequent coastal flooding, MD VOAD is focused on helping communities build back better and become more resilient. In recognition of this effort, at its Annual Conference, National VOAD gave the Innovative Program of the Year Award to Maryland VOAD and the ESLTRC.

Phase 2 has the focused goals of:

  1. Being good stewards of funding entrusted to the ESLTRC;
  2. Preventing repetitive loss; and most importantly,
  3. Significantly improving the quality of life for the survivor families.

Many thanks once again for all your support,

In Christ,
Pastor Phil

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